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Dadarides Kenya

Who We Are

Being the first of its kind in East Africa, DadaRides is a Kenyan Women Cycling Social network that was founded in 2018 by Ms. Salome Kanini(Sally). As a devoted activist and cycle enthusiast, Sally created a space to encourage other women in Kenya to embrace cycling. DadaRides has 170 registered members and 120 users who take part in DadaRide led cycling activities

What We Do

Promoting cycling among women provides access for women and girls to water, schools, markets and jobs (not to mention fun) that might otherwise be inaccessible or unsafe through conventional means of transport such as motorbikes or walking.

About us

DadaRides is an independent Kenya based women driven community based organization (CBO),dedicated to building relationships in the cycling community and promote women and girl’s participation in cycling for healthy lifestyles, empowerment and advocating for a better environment through non-motorized transportation.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is very simple to join us, go to our website and navigate to join us on the main menu.
The answer is YES, there is admission fee and annual fee for the members.
Contact us for more information.