DadaRides is an independent Kenya based women driven community based organization (CBO),dedicated to building relationships in the cycling community and promote women and girl’s participation in cycling for healthy lifestyles, empowerment and advocating for a better environment through  non-motorized transportation.

In Kenya, cycling is traditionally a male dominated area and negative social norms and gendered practices make it challenging for women and adolescent girls to cycle – whether for fun, as a means of transport or professionally. Providing a safe space where women (supported by male allies) can learn new skills from other women, increase their comfort with the new challenges and give them the self-confidence needed to pursue their dreams. Powerful female role models leading activities that challenge traditional gender norms has proven efficient in similar empowerment and social change projects.

Promoting cycling among women provides access for women and girls to water, schools, markets and jobs (not to mention fun) that might otherwise be inaccessible or unsafe through conventional means of transport such as motorbikes or walking. Giving equal opportunities and changing harmful gender norms around female cyclists will increase women and girls’ ability to live up to their full potential and enable them to contribute to society as equal partners. Bicycles remain a constant in creating equal opportunities between women and men, girls and boys.

  • In line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG3), DadaRides strives to achieve good health and well-being for all ages. General advantages of the growing cycling culture are less traffic congestion, decreased pollution, lower economic demand for oil and overall health and fitness benefits. Women and girls constitute more than 50% of the Kenyan society and their contribution to the SDGs is essential for success
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